A Nation’s Thank You – the People’s Procession

On 11 November 2018, members of the public will have a unique opportunity to take part and pay their respects to all those that served in the First World War. The Nation’s Thank You procession will allow 10,000 members of the public, selected by random ballot, to join a procession past the Cenotaph, to pay their respects and help express the nations thanks to the generation that served, and those that never returned.

Public Ballot
The public ballot for tickets has now closed. All applicants were informed of the outcome by 20th August 2018. If you entered and have not received a results email, please contact us for confirmation.

Procession timings and details
Successful applicants will receive full details of the event timings, what they should and should not bring, and what they will need to do on the day via email. The last email was sent on 5th October. However, the information below should help inform your planning when applying for tickets:

Ticket holders will be asked to meet at an ‘assembly area’; near Green Park in London, and should expect to be on site from around 09:00 in the morning of 11 November. Once through the accreditation process and ticket checks required for an event of this size and scale, ticket holders will be able to watch the National Service of Remembrance on large screens, and have a warm drink.

Later in the day participants will be formed into escorted groups for the procession. As this is not a military parade, participants don’t need to march, however participants can of course wear their ancestor’s medals. Due to the numbers involved and the means of allocating tickets, we regret that we cannot accommodate group applications, however friends and families will be kept in the same groups as far as possible, based on arrival order.

After the Royal British Legion Veterans’ March Past, the Nation’s Thank You public procession will take place past the Cenotaph and pay its respects to those that served. The procession should then finish at around 13:45, at which point participants will be free to go.

Participants will be able to bring wreaths, but large bags and luggage will not be permitted, and we ask that they be prepared to carry their belongings with them during the procession.

Facilities will of course be in place to allow guests with disabilities to attend, and further information regarding these facilities will be supplied directly to guests along with full joining instructions. You can let us know about any special requirements you may have when you apply.

The route of the procession will cover approximately 2,000m, passing by the Cenotaph, and applicants should consider whether they are capable of covering this distance unassisted. Due to the nature of the preparations there will only be very limited seating available for participants beforehand, and participants may be required to stand for some time while the groups are organised.

About the Ballot
Due to the expected demand, tickets to the Nation’s Thanks Public Procession will be distributed via a random ballot.

Ballot Timeline

  • 12 July: Ballot opens for applications
  • 12 August: Ballot closes
  • 20 August: All applicants notified of ballot results
  • 20 August – 20 September: Reallocation of any returned tickets to Waiting List
  • 20 September: Deadline for any changes to guest information
  • 29 October: Tickets confirmed and issued to attendees via email to print at home
  • 5 November: All tickets issued; if you have not heard please contact the organisers
  • 11 November 2018: Armistice Day

Answers to frequently asked questions